Kim Cody





 “ Painting is another way of feeling.” – John Constable.

Born and educated in the south of England, Kim has drawn and painted all her life. She was a teacher of art and design for thirty five years before moving in 2002 to Brittany where she lived and worked for twelve years. Her paintings are essentially about the landscape but her interpretation of the environment is emotional rather than pictorial. Her main preoccupation is with the juxtaposition of lines, colours, shapes and occasionally textures. In some places one of these elements will dominate only to be fragmented, submerged or obliterated in other areas of the composition.

“ I have made paintings and drawings since I can remember and from many different subjects. I have always been profoundly influenced by the natural world and my present period started with a traditional approach to the landscape and then worked through a series of river, pond and sky paintings until gradually my vision turned to more intimate almost magnified details within that landscape. My interest now lies in attempting to grasp those fleeting moments when light and shade touch small corners of the earth, water or sky for maybe only a second before disappearing for ever. I try to capture those ephemeral glimpses of fractured lines, gliding shadows and changing colours which imprint themselves on my memory and I work mostly in oils as I like to move the paint around the paper or canvas and mix the colours as I go although I also use acrylic paint and collage techniques from time to time. Charcoal is my favourite medium for drawing; it has profound depth and richness. I often make water colour sketches and take photographs out in the open and then rework the images back in the studio. Sketch books also serve to record observations, sensations and quotations. Sometimes I simply start from memory with glimpses that have unconsciously lodged themselves in my mind.”

Since November 2014 Kim has been living and working in Farnham Surrey. Her studio is open to visitors by appointment.