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 “Every artist writes his own autobiography“ 

–  Henry Havelock Ellis. 1890.


Born and educated in the south of England, Kim has drawn and painted all her life.  She was a teacher of art and design for thirty five years before moving in 2002 to Brittany where she lived and worked for twelve years.

“ I have made paintings and drawings since I can remember and from many different subjects.  My work now is entirely non representational, the only subject matter being the elements which make up the compositions such as line, shape, tone, texture and colour.  For the greater part of my life I have worked with oil paint but recently the need to include more physical texture in my paintings has lead me to use mostly acrylics.  I work on paper, card and canvas and use sketchbooks extensively to try out ideas.”

Kim exhibits regularly in France and the U.K. and her work is in collections world wide.  Since November 2014 she has been living and working in Farnham Surrey.  She participates every year in the Surrey Artists’ Open Studios and visitors are welcome any time at the studio by appointment.

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